Appreciative Inquiry, the red line through the services of imagimpact

Appreciative Inquiry is a method of change starting from “something that does work in every person/organization, and that gives life when it is vital, effective and successful” (appreciative). The existing strengths are structured. The inquiry looks for other fields where strengths can be build and what is needed to do so. The power of the method is in the questions (inquiry).


Transparent and frequent communication on each level is essential for every company. In these quickly evolving times, it is simply vital. All human being resists to change. But if communication is little or unclear, employees loose their drive.
To have openminded meetings is an opportunity to unite the strengths of each individual ànd of the company. Appreciation and commitment are proportional. The better one feels on the floor, the better the performances.

What does Imagimpact offer ?

  • Meetings: by removing all resentment, all can focus on what really matters. Mistakes are learning moments and create new actions.
  • Communication: if you don’t know the reality, you make your own version.
  • Hiring procedure: a framework from vacancy, selection, till 3 months after the arrival of the newbees.